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About the Blog:This blog contains most inspiring and motivational information that inspires people to live positive way, helps people not give up on day to day problems.Each and every post of this blog is aimed at spreading some sort of positive message to people. This blog is created to motivate people to live positive and attain true happiness and success in life. Feel free to share any information in this blog. http://www.livepositiveway.com/ Kindly invite your friends too.Let us reach as many people as possible and spread the positivity as much as we possibly can.
About the Author:
It is said that a picture is worth thousand words, The following picture might worth for those thousand words about me


Some Best Questions i tried answering

Live Positive way and feel the true happiness in life. There’s always something to be happy about even if you miss million things in your life.
Definitely yes. but only my beloved’s can understand that it is a lie, while everybody else in this world don’t even know that i am giving an answer.
This Is the line that i already have on my desktop wallpaper,Always Helped me to do something new, Always helped me to do something with perfection, Always helped to to get back to work while I am browsing on facebook.
yes I am holding on to something for the past 6 months which gave me a lot of pain. but i never thought it to let it go. Because that identified some of the true talent inside me and those experiences are worthwhile to write a 200 page plot (I hope so). But these days are adding pages to it and i am sure that the Plot have the happy ending.
Yes. The habit of reading self improvement books. Only then I realized the happiness that has always been there like the wide open doors to heaven but i never felt all these days in life.
I love my friends and parents who are always been there for me & also i
love my Laptop, Mobile, PC which always helps my work done easily.
Strength. A person who cannot cry for loved ones are very weak deep inside the heart.  Somebody’s tears just for you is the costliest thing in the world that no one can ever buy with his material wealth.
Yes, I do for sure. All is fair in love and war.
My grand son’s SMILE.
I ask much questions to myself. Even i put forth some of the questions that Google cannot answer. So i ask God. He always says with a gentle smile on his face “When you can never find answers to some of your question, Say yourself “This is life & Move on”. So i do…
Obviously. That keeps me going. I can never imagine a day without my laptop, PC, Mobile.
This is that moment. I try to answer some of the questions in a nice forwarded message..

Blogging. Sharing something with this world that is truly inspiring and motivational, That may help people to live positive.This work introduce the people of my attitude to me so i love doing it. My blog http://live-positive.blogspot.com/. I’m happy that i have over 500 fans in two months.

I pray to God, that the person should be in my opposite sex and let the person find me as soon as possible so that we can get into the permanent relationship through eternity.
The art of making happiness. The art of making love to everyone.
Time with loved ones.
Definitely yes.
My life is not worse than 70 year old hag, lifting dozens of bricks on a construction work, While i still know the pain of lifting 2KG laptop on a comfortable NIKE back pack.
My life is not worse than 6 month old baby used for for begging on a cross road in midst of very hot sun, while i find it difficult to wait for the green signal inside the air conditioned car
My life is not worse than 45 year old mother* lost her only beloved 8 year old child on an accident, whom she got after 8 years of marriage. ( The mother was Chitra – The popular south Indian singer. Her voice is the only female voice I loved hearing)
I know my life is not fair. But it’s still Good. That keeps my days going in-spite of my day to day problems.
On seeing the beauty of full moon rise on the beach
On seeing the sea water glittering on moon light

On seeing the scene of two kittens playing happily with each other.

On seeing a small monkey hanging on a car’s side mirror with its tail on busy city


Driving on a road that is clean and silent at night, When i always seen the same road busy with people, noisy and with pollution.
On seeing the smiling faces of the small children inside the school van.
Listening to a baby’s voice over telephone.
Feeling the small baby hugs me tightly, while he is sleeping on my shoulder.
Some one is always there for me to share my happiness & joy.
Like the one who read all my answers. :)

Blogs Statistics

Live positive way is a blog of mine (), which is aimed at spreading some sort of positive message to people with its every post.

It Supports & Spreads a social cause – Green Living It Supports Optimism in your lives- Positive Living

blog LivePositiveWay.com has now became a community of positive people.
It is a culmination of powerful positive force. In this post I wish to
share how & why I started this blog & What inspires me to blog

Live Positive Way is a blog now became a brand. LivePositiveWay blog now (24 June 2012) has


5144 Facebook Fans


444,444 Page Views Till this date

Over 60,000 page views per Month

Over 900 Twitter Followers

Over 250 Feed burner email Subscribers.

Apart from these I receive many testimonials & appreciations from users through email
numbers are not a joke, For those who are into blogging better knows
the pain of getting one induced subscriber or reader to the blog. I
spent countless number of hours to build these audience to the blog.
There are plenty of resourceful bloggers out there who create beautiful
content and still struggle to build audience, For those bloggers I’ll
share my road map how i built audience to this blog in my other tech
I wish to share to my audience of this blog, how and why i started blogging, What induced me to blog more.

The Spark

fine day in the beginning of march 2011, I was happen to write a
creative writing test, I scored on the top 20% out of 10,000
professional freelance writers online. It was a pleasant surprise.
Do I really have writing skills? I thought why should not I give it a
try. So on my search to find something to write on… to test my skill, A
beautiful dream which i had last night came into my mind. I thought to
describe the dream i had in written words. I begun forming a imaginary
story & characters to describe the 2 minute dream i felt.
I couldn’t believe the power of my imagination. The 2 minute dream turned out into 21 page plot with 10,500 words. It took me 5 complete days to complete writing the plot.
shared the story on Squidoo (At that time I don’t own a blog). The plot
i posted there in ranked 1700 out of 800,000+ lenses. The story was
featured in squidoo home page for some days.
i wish to save the story in some safer place, so i saved in my mail
labelled beloved. There was already plenty of mails flooding my inbox
daily. So i wish to save and share the plot in a better area.

My First Blog

So I created my first Blog jagan2explore.blogspot.com.
The blog is not very impressive, I can’t create content to the blog on a
regular basis. So my first blog was a failure.During the same month i
got a chance to read all my mails labelled beloved. There was more than
30 in the list. I had a habit of reading self improvement books and i
was a big fan of The Secret to Teen Power Book, so i usually collect all
the mails that deliver some sort of positive message. I felt really
happy in reading all those emails in one place. I thought it will be
better if all the mails are available in one place. Those mails are
collected over period of 12 months, I also had over 200 inspirational
wallpapers which i usually have in my desktop background collected over a
period of 12 months.
I thought to share those with the world. So my first real blog came into existance at the end of march.


named it as Live-Positive because the blog is aimed at spreading
positive message. I setup the blog, I converted every mail i had into
posts, and uploaded all the wallpapers i collected over a period of
time. The blog has exiting inspirational content that anyone love to
read and share.
month passed by, there has been no readers to my blog. Obviously the
only genuine reader & Subscriber of my blog is myself. I Still
happily continued the good work of sharing positive message through my
blog because i love doing so. An other month passed by and my blog has
40 posts and still no big difference in readers and subscribers.

Building Audience.

Building audience to the blog is not at all an easy task. It requires long term commitment and hard work. I shared the technical secrets behind building audience to any blog in my tech blog, I created Facebook fan page
to my blog, I usually share the posts of my blog on Facebook. day by
day fans of my blog got increased and so is my interest and enthusiasm
to blog more. My blog reached 500 fans
on June 2011. My Happiness knew know bounds when i reached 500 people.
People happily like, share & comment on the posts on my blog. People
actually love the posts i create. My fan page reached 1000 fans
at the end of July 2011. The fan base hit 5000 on may 2012. Facebook
plays an important role in generating initial level readers on my blog.
My subscriber count slowly increased day by day.

Is it worth for all the time being spent into blogging??

was a million dollar question probably everyone have. Yes, it
definitely is… I loved doing blogging, because it brings me

Apart from happiness, I..

  1. I had a voice
  2. I can establish an online presence.
  3. People really listen to my words.
  4. I can have a relationship with fellow like minded bloggers.
  5. I have the power at my finger tips to reach the world with my written words.
Apart from all
these, People actually look back when it generate revenue. When all my
time being spent will be converted to real cash.
i decided to give it a try. I signed up for Google Ad-sense on August
2011 and started displaying ads on my blog. For the first 2 months there
was no revenue at all.
the time i was using default blogger template under blogger sub domain.
It seemed very unprofessional. So i moved on to custom template with
custom domain. I changed my blogspot URL to Custom domain www.livepositiveway.com & with custom theme. Live positive way blog got its exiting look on october 2011. I mentioned it the post Live Positive blog is Upgrading
had a pleasant surprise & a worst shock when i performed this
upgrade. The surprise is the amount of daily income through ads
increased from nothing to something.
worst shock is All the traffic to my blog got tremendously decreased.
All the Facebook comments disappeared. All my countless hours of work to
bring traffic to my blog wasted for nothing. But what i seen from the
subsequent months is a magic.

My First Cheque From Google. Yaayh !!!

pleasant surprise is traffic to my blog increased at an incredible rate
than i couldn’t imagine. With this traffic the daily earnings in my
adsense account got increased from nothing to something, I got my first
adsense cheque in the next 3 months.
Adsense Cheque

Apart from earning potential,
My blog can able to make with in 100 position in the indiblogger during
April 2012 out of 2500 blogs from chennai.

In May 2012 my blog hit 43 place out 3000 blogs listed in the city. Many thanks for Indiblogger for recognizing my blog.

Indiblogger position

Alexa global traffic Rank fell down within hundred thousand.

Alexa Statistics- Livepositiveway.com

Apart from all these blogging introduced me many of
blogger friends. I had attended some good blogger meet at Chennai and
made some good blogger friends

Blogger Meet @Hyatt Regency


After attending
these meets I had come in contact with many real blogger who produce
awesome content and who have real deep passion for blogging. After
attending this blogger meet, it created an impact on me to create
content rather than just sharing it. I will sit down many times with
strongest hope to write content for this blog, but i don’t know why most
of the posts will always be in the drafts section. I hope to publish it
all in the near future. Then i realized i have plentiful of technical
skills that are worth to be shared. This inspired me to start a
technical blog in the beginning of 2012, called TheProgrammersGuide.com,
The tech blog is the culmination of entire technical knowledge i have,
shared in the good will of helping fellow people. I reserved a dedicated
section called Blogging Tutorials
in my tech blog, where i share my knowledge about blogging. For those
who need to know about the technical secrets behind achieving traffic to
the any blog, You can find my experience here in my tech blog as RoadMap for increasing Traffic to your blog.
from all these i receive sponsors from many organizations, They happily
provide unique content to my blog, Send positive books, T Shirts,
Promotional Materials etc. There are the things that inspires me to blog
which i started accidentally now had become full time hobby and
passion. It has a purpose of good will. I take this opportunity to
express my sincere gratitude to every reader of this blog. I will do it
Lots of Love,
Jagan Krishnaraj