An Inspiring Story

Last saturday i met a Sales Man With Puppet !!!!

I saw him last saturday around 6.30 pm in F block, Inner Circle, Connought Place.He is Well Dressed wearing ironed
full-sleeved shirt which is tucked into trouser that has a black leather belt and a stick to support his steps.
His hand is covered with a puppet gloves which make a “PPPPPIIIIPPPP” sound that enable him to attract passerby.i am curious to know about his life.What I got ! i wanted to share with you guys!Let’s meet Mr sahay he is a live example for the people who scared from struggle.he is 75
At this age he comes daily from rohtak with a bag full of puppets and a water bottel which is heavier & makes him
uneasy to put each step.
He has a railway pass which enable him to commute daily from rohtak. He earns for his wife, married daughter and her

He is Retired Bank manager.he had a son who done chartered accountancy, he has spent all his saving for his carrier.
His son moved to bahrain without informing him and after some time a news comes to him that his son died in an accident
Now he is the only bread earner for his family.

Please buy a pair of puppet which cost Rs 40 to support Mr.Sahay! Not for Sympathy but to Salute Mr Sahay !!!!!

Head of to you Mr Sahay !!!!!

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