ITC Grand Spectacular View

Indibloggers another blogger meet was arranged @ ITC Grand Chennai. I knew the meet will always be packed with full of fun and surprises. I was very exited to be there at ITC grand chola to meet my fellow bloggers in the city on the last Saturday of October 2012.

I entered the grand entrance called and after passing a security check at the hotel’s entrance. I was welcomed & recieved by a hotel guides who happily guided me to the indibiblogger conference.

When i entered there is already few of them registered and i guess i am not very late. There were close to 10 round tables accompanied by chairs. Each round table has a Apple Ipad with the ITC grand chola website open on it’s browser.

With just some beautiful minutes gone, I was served with juice which made me comfortable. The hotel manager came and  discussed about our blogs which made us feel more comfortable.

Now the original meet started, Firstly the hotel MD gave an introductory speech and ended it with tamil word ‘nanri‘ which made entire audience to cheer up.

His speech is followed by a guided visual seminar that explained overall features of the hotel. My eyes were already rolling out to every look & corners of the hotel since i entered and i was already amazed at the hotels interior design. I cannot wait to see the hotels complete preview.

The first thing to my amazement is the ITC Grand chola is greenest hotel. The entire hotel is powered by source of renewable wind energy. As i support green living …this made a first impression to me.

Next is 60 seconds of fame. Every blogger present there gave a speech about their blog including me. I was dying to find bloggers who write blogs  related to my niche. I’m happy that i found some of them with this speech session.

Next is some fun shows which includes musical chair, dances game shows etc. when all these fun things are done high tea is served. This break is delighted with delicious snacks, cakes, fruits, icecreams and different varieties of coffee & Tea

And the next is the most awaited event. Entire group of bloggers is divided to 6 groups with 10 members each. Each group has a guided preview of the hotel which lasts 45 minutes. Each crew is guided by a special person !!!. There was also a contest announced in our guided preview. On the go, every blogger should tweet his experiences to his twitter audience. This could win him a chance to stay at ITC hotels for 2 days.

Hardly three photographs and one tweet, my mobiles battery is dead. I chose not to look on my boring phone’s screen to do tweets while i could see amazing hotel interiors.I guess two other persons ( bhavana, Sameera) in my team did those tweets better than me.

Our team of 10 members are guided by special guide Neelam & Shafiq.

The guided preview lasted about 45 Minutes.  Neelam & Shafiq explained breifly about the hotel

Some clicks of the hotels interieors


ITC Grand chola is built by closely following traditions, Each and every stone speaks culture, every pillar speaks tradition,every room tells story.  Every design says something about the tradition of cholas. Even the names of the places inside are chosen by closely following traditions of the place. like kayakalp, tanjore auditoriam etc.

I was stunned & speechless when i saw the spectacular outdoor swimming pool which was built five stories up from the ground. There is also a beautiful view of the chennai city & sunset form there.

The spectacular view of the swimming pool from 5th floor.

The next awesome thing is the rooms available at ITC grand hotel. There are 600 different rooms available at different classes. Each and every room interior design & comfort is totally awesome.

The rooms every features can be controlled with a dedicated IPAD application.

Lights on/off
TV on/off
Door Open/Close.

Each and every room at ITC have an Ipad ready. ITC grand takes digital technology very seriously.

Summing up, the 45 minute guide tour at ITC is not really enough to see the features of the hotel fully.

I guess a visit to ITC grand chennai should be must to every Chennai resident alt least once not only for the luxury & pleasurable experiences but also for knowing about the tradition of the place.  They call it as affordable luxury so that every one could experience.

It was totally awesome experience to every blogger out there. Thank You indiblogger & ITC Grand Chola for bringing us the amazing experience.

And that’s not the end, each and every blogger is offered a special coupons for free meal that can be redeemed before the end of this year. I wish i could go back again.

The entire team of Indibloggers at ITC grand.