The post is written for the indiblogger contest as a part of promoting tourism to Melbourne Australia

The daily work schedule, the deadlines to follow, the services to deliveries, mails, Reports, Computers etc. Let me think that i have a break from all these and i have a chance to of visiting Melbourne for a vacation. How would it rather be?

A Beautiful day in the near future, The day had just risen

The Alarm sound which usually sounds disgusting in the morning, will sound pleasant that beautiful morning because that day i wish to be on Melbourne and that alarm sound reminds me that i am late for my visit to natures most beautiful creation of 12 apostles in Melbourne.

The apostles (The place i had seen only on screens before).

  • A place very far and high above human civilization
  • A place where there the air is perfectly clean and moist.
  • A place where only natural sounds can be heard.
  • A place without pollution
  • The sound of the breeze and the landscape beauty.
  • The place where human voice fades away in air & never returns.
  • A place where one feels the end of the world has been reached.
  • A place where one feels he went to the origin of the life

I wish to be alone in the place on a clear full moon light on top of the highest one. I wish to see the rise of full moon some where in the middle of the pacific and feel the pacific is as blue as it had been… on my dreams. At that moment, I wish to get lost in the beautiful place and I wish to never find myself again.If i ever find myself again, I’d love to bring back all the positive emotions along with peace & happiness I felt on the top of apostle in Melbourne.

It’s your time to visit Melbourne NOW! and all those imaginations in the above lines to make real.