I always feel that riding on the city traffic is disgusting because it always surrounded by noise, dust and pollution. . I usually hate driving bike in city, till the day I got my New Yamaha FZ S bike.

Previously I owned bajaj xcd 125, that was not the bike to ride in city. The braking and acceleration are mediocre, and it is meant to people above 40 years of age.

The bike riding turned to an ultimate pleasure right from the first day I started driving my Yamaha. I can very easily accelerate to 100km/h in 5-10 seconds and to bring down to 0 the very next second. It has an excellent handling capacity which is meant to harsh driving in city.
That was me with my Yamaha Bike
But I am not a harsh driver; I usually ride at 50-60km/hr within city limits.
It was a beautiful evening, I was traveling to siruseri in OMR road. I was alone in the middle of the road, I got a phone call with good news I was expecting for a long time. I was excited and turned on at the next moment.

I took a look at my speedometer reading. It read 65km/hr.I can quickly notice the signal board on the road side displayed the speed limit for 2 wheelers as 55 km/hr.

The road is clean, traffic less. I was exited due to the good news I heard. So for the first time in my life I decided to give it a try. The excitement induced my hand to raise the accelerator. The speedometer hit 85Kmph. I felt uncomfortable with the helmet because I kept the front protection glass open. I closed the front protection glass, and then I felt comfortable. The speedometer reading was between 95-97kmph. It was adventurous; I never pushed my bike to that limit in the city since I bought it in the last 2 months. I decided to test its full capacity. Yes, It’s done. The reading hit 115kmph; I cannot push it further due to the traffic condition, signals and pedestrian level crossings.

Driving through city traffic at 100kmph, overtaking in between two heavy vehicles at high speed gave me a real adrenalin rush. It was the most adventurous moment I ever felt myself with my bike.
My pleasure was interrupted by a phone call of my friend to whom i was originally about to meet. Only after speaking to him i realized I traveled 12 KM more in the same road from where i originally should be..
I promised to meet him in the next 5 minutes, and quickly made an U turn and started again, It was half past 6. A beautiful dusk approaching. The darkness is spreading rapidly into the road, but that hasn’t disturbed me, this time i quickly hit 110 Kmph and i was using the maximum possible acceleration in my bike, The bike ended up at the maximum speed of 121Kmph, Yeah I had tested the maximum potential of my bike, I was looking at the speedometer and enjoying…

In an Unexpected fraction of second, two pedestrians who were dressed in black crossed the road, My eyes very didn’t note that, because it was 6.45 PM into the darkness, No street lamps and my helmet black glass is closed. I can’t even recognize that i was about to hit them,

By the time my brain realized that i was about to hit them directly, I can do nothing other than applying a sudden brake. It was too late. The girls understood that i was about to hit them, they quick jumped ahead of my bike, despite of their efforts, my bike side mirror hit the girls hands. My bike stopped 500m ahead after hitting them despite of applying sudden brake. I looked back at them, they quickly ran to the end of the road, as there are traffic in the road.I realized that there is nothing serious happened to them.

They are Ok, But i am not OK. It was just a fraction of second that made both of us to escape from danger. At the speeds that i was about to hit them, The possibility of survival will be less than 10% for both of us. I felt very badly for my driving.

I stopped there. I watched the beautiful sunset at that instant,the noise of Children playing on streets which relaxed me.

At that time i realized, It was not only the scenery i miss by driving to fast
Its Not only the scenery you miss by driving too fast..
I miss far more than that. I cannot risk my life just for 2 minute pleasure, also i don’t have right to risk someone else life.
At that instant, I decided not to drive fast, no matter whatever the reason i have to justify. The excitement i had previously was no more, I just had fear only. It’s not only the loss i faced.
Speeding, No one thinks big of you, So Drive safe. Just seconds of your carelessness will ultimately change your life in negative way. So think before you start a ride daily.