The following is the real life story of Mayen, blogger from filiphina who owns a blog Clicks and Cuts . I sincerely thank Mayen for writing her inspiring real life incident to be shared in this blog. And I am proud to share this to all of you, my dear readers. Many Thanks Mayen again fro writing this guest post to this blog.

Here is her Inspiring long distance relationship success story explained in her own words.

Love and Relationship

Hi there Finding Happiness readers. I am Mayen and I blog at clicks and cuts. I feel honored to be invited here to share my story. I was really nervous and a bit hesitant when my friend kikilabotz asked me to do this. I fear that my story is not inspiring enough. However, I cannot say no to this man. You already know the reason why. This guy is a charmer. So bear with me and I hope somehow I’ll be able to give inspiration today. Let’s start. Shall we?

Tell me something about yourself.

I am a Social Worker by profession, a blogger, aspiring writer and a novel lover. I am family oriented and a lover of romance. I love babies and I can’t wait to have my own. My ultimate dream is simple, so simple you might raise an eye brow. I just want to be an awesome wife and loving mother someday. I want to dedicate my life to make my own family happy. Just like what I got from my parents. (I sound lame. I hope I didn’t lose your appetite to read what I have to say)

What is the greatest problem that you encountered?

– My life is really not full of problems and I feel blessed about that. Financial maybe a major concern when I was growing up but my parents were really good that we haven’t felt being deprived of anything. I just realized it was hard for them then, when I was starting to earn on my own. I can say that one major challenge life throw at me is the challenge I and my man is facing. Like I said I am a lover of anything romantic.
So when I fall in love. I really give my all.
I am in love with this guy, he’s name is Jed. We are in a relationship for almost 5 years now. We are both in marrying age. We so want to seal the deal soon, however, we haven’t saved enough for our future so he decided to go abroad to work and to save faster so that we can start our future together. Even though I was reluctant for him to leave, I agreed that we try the most feared situation for couples,
to embark in a long distance relationship, which we all know only few couples survived.
I was so used to him being around. When he left, I was disoriented. I miss him so bad. I cried day and night for almost three months. During those 3 months, I pour my emotions on my blog because I feel that sometimes my real life friends were already sick and tired of hearing my pointless agony.

What do you have in mind having this kind of problem? Is there a time that you think of giving up?

– At first I was angry. I really feel I don’t deserve this. I am a nice person (so I thought). I always try to do what is right, so how come I have to face this? You see, my life is not really challenging before this. I feel like I can get away with anything. Life is simple for me. I am protected and pampered my whole life. I have my parents to thank for that. So when this challenge came,
I feel weak. I become angry at Jed, blaming him for making me feel miserable, blaming him for leaving me and for choosing this kind of situation for us, as if I did not sign up for this.
Nonetheless, Jed is such a great guy that he tried to understand what was I going through. He’s been patient.
– Yes, there were times when I was on the verge of giving up. Escaping this and giving up the person so dear to me seems to be an easy way out. I always want the easy way out because I am not used to feeling depressed. However, I cannot bring myself to do it. Somehow, I am still hopeful that it will work out.

What or who inspired you to pursue?

– I don’t know exactly when was the time I feel I was okay about the whole set up. I’m sure though, that inspiring successful long distance stories I read on the internet and real life friends who went through the same set up and succeeded, was a lot of help. Encouraging comments from my new blogger friends was one factor I also consider helpful to retain my sunny disposition. The unconditional love and patience my partner showed me helped me accept the whole situation. The love and support of my family, not mocking me when I sit down at dinner crying, is one thing I will forever thankful for.
Above all, the love and strength my Creator showered me were too much to be ignored. He was there every step of the way. When I needed someone to talk to, He gave me awesome blogger friends and real life friends who really listen. When I needed inspiration He provided me stories that I can relate to and draw strength from. When I needed Jed to be strong for me, He made that possible.
So how did you surpass this problem?

– Eventually, I realized that I was freaking selfish for blaming Jed of everything. I wasn’t making our situation easy, I was making it worst. When acceptance finally sinks in, everything went well. Suddenly, I was willing to make it work. I became confident that we can get through this alive and together. We were happy even if we’re not physically together every day. The sad part will always be there. The constant longing for real kisses and cuddles are still there but our love for each is stronger than any negative forces we encounter. We try our hardest to make it work. After some time, I was able to appreciate the set up and come up with perks that goes along with long distance relationship. It wasn’t all bad. You can find what I came with here.

What did you feel after you succeed in overcoming this problem?

– I feel vindicated. I am happy. I am proud of myself and Jed because we succeeded in keeping our relationship. We proved ourselves and to the world that our love is true.
That being miles and miles and miles away from each other will never make us love each other less.
Also, I get to test his faithfulness to me and vice versa. He’s really a dependable and a loving person. I am so blessed I can call him my man. Our relationship is not perfect we both have our fair share of short comings that sometimes pisses each other off. But that’s all part of the game. Perfect relationship is boring. Besides, challenges in your relationships brought you closer together, most of the time.
Currently, we are together. He’s home for 45 days vacation. It is really short. Thus, we try to spend as much time together as possible. We recently visit Bohol, just the two of us and spent five amazing days there, catching up with each other. It was a trip we will both never forget because he proposed to me there. Yes, he formally asked my hand in marriage while we cruise on Luboc River. It was a simple yet sweet proposal. Something a romance-fanatic-girl like me ever dreamed of. If you want to read the full proposal story, jump over here
– I am so happy and proud to wear the symbol of his love. I’m sure every single girl wants a loving man and a free diamond ring all to herself. Am I right?

Can you share to us any life lesson that you have learned?

I have learned many life lessons in my existence but since we are on the topic of love and relationship let me share what I have learned on that note.

Finding your prince charming/dashing princess to love for the rest of your life wasn’t easy. Before you even get to him/her, you’ll get to test frog/frogs in the pond. I am lucky to just encounter one frog that broke my heart before I find my prince charming. I know there are some of you who feel like you already tested all sorts of frogs yet, your princess/prince is still nowhere in sight. Don’t lose hope. I believe that those frogs are just there to give you experience where you can learn from to be a better person. You come across them so as you will not get bored while waiting for the right person. God has a sense of humor too. He’s not making fun of you He’s just amusing you. Being depressed and broken hearted isn’t funny if, only if, you’re in that situation right now. However, once that phase is over and you are finally in the arms of “The One”. I am positive that you will laugh how silly you were for feeling depress over something unworthy. God just need sometime so He can mold you and at the same time mold your prince/princess so that when you finally meet, both of you are ready for each other. The longer you learn from your mistakes the longer it takes for you to find “the one”.

In one of my blog post I write this line.

Jed and I are still together not only because we love each other or we cannot live without one another (together or apart). Jed and I are still together because we have Him in our hearts. We are still here fighting this battle because we have Him to back us up.
By Him, I mean God. Put God in the center of everything we do. With his guidance and love everything will be bearable. If you have spare time, feel free to visit my blog. I will be happy to see you there.

Thank you so much Mayen, your story will surely inspire millions and millions of lovers in the world who is engaged with the same situation as yours. God bless you and your relationship with Jed. continue inspiring people.