How do you feel when you acquired as much of money you can’t spend with in your life time?

For example how do you feel if you acquired 10,000 crore worth Indian money?

What could you do with all the money?

You could buy a million dollar mansion to live in
You could buy a world class car
You could buy a large television

Then?? 10 crore is enough to buy all the things are are in your mind right now. what will you do with the rest of the money??

Possessing the money that no one possibly can, will bring you happiness??

I don’t know about you, but a man don’t feel great after acquiring 10,000 crore in 1998. His name is Tony HseishHe sold his company link exchange to microsoft for $265 million, and he wasn’t feeling very great about it.

How he felt is described here in his own words from the book delivering happiness

Delivering happiness by Tony hseish

“I don’t need more money, so what was it good for? I wasn’t spending the money i already had. So why was i staying at microsoft, vesting in peace, trying to get more of it?

I made the list of the happiest periods in my life, and i realized that none of them involved money. I realized that building stuff and being creative and inventive made me happy. Connecting with a friend and talking through the entire night until the sun rose made me happy. Trick or treaitng in the middle school with a group of my closest friends made me happy. eating a baked potato after a swim meet made me happy.”

The happiness of a millionaire involved no money. 

so people should realize that happiness of many richest people involved no money. So why should you fool yourself that you will be happy if you have more money? 

Happiness depends upon oneself. If you want to be happy, Just be