Do you know to ride a bicycle? You may think what a silly question this is, of course everyone knows to ride a bicycle. Well, my question is when was the last time you ridden a bicycle? Probably your answer is, “It may be some time in the past during my school days”. May be 5 or 10 years back depends on your present age. This was my honest answer too.
We had moved to 250cc bike to travel a distance less than 250m !!!We had moved to sophisticated four wheelers to cover the distance that could be easily covered on a casual walk.
Do you have any idea, what effect does this change impacts on our physical health?
I like to share my experience. I still remember the beautiful time in my past (May be 7 or 8 years back) where i used to go to school by bicycle. May be that inspiration induced me to use a bicycle yesterday to cover 1.5KM distance.  I hardly used bicycle in the past 6 years but still I decided to use a bicycle since there are no other vehicle is available at that instant.

It was not even 15 min since i started bicycling..It was not even 500 meters i crossed…
I felt i took very bad decision in my life because i was totally exhausted. I was panting hard. My clothes were totally wet with sweat drops. I could very hardly move further. (May be I hope the bicycles spare parts are in worst condition !!! or my body spare parts itself???)
I just realized my human body very badly lacks physical exercise all these years.
Then it took 40 minutes to reach my destination, I finally did it :) What an achievement??

Well my point is,
How much we do care to maintain a good health?
We always fail to realize that the groundwork of all happiness in this world is good health
Driving a car isn’t fun if you have pain in your legsEven s***x is not pleasurable if your back hurts.
I use this sentence to strongly emphasize the fact that nothing in this world gives pleasure or happiness if you loose your physical health. 
If your daily schedule very hardly permit you to got to the gym or to follow a diet plan.
Take a casual walk whenever you have time. (Make this pleasurable by walking on a beach with your loved ones)
Ride a bicycle to cover small distance. (This is very far better than getting frustrated while waiting for a green signal inside an air conditioned car).
Take time to give concern to maintain good physical health.
Stay healthy and Be happy :)