It is a beautiful rainy day today in my hometown,  I really think it was beautiful, I came across many rainy days while i am in city in my strict daily schedule, but i very rarely notice the beauty and happiness hidden inside a normal rainy day in the city.
I thought how many of them residing in cities who follow a strict daily schedule enjoy a rainy day they came across on a working day?
What do you really think if it rains when you start to office?
Do you hate being late to office because of rain? or Do you love travelling on rain? Do you hate wearing rain coats while driving? or Do you enjoy getting wet by rain?
Do you think of loss of pay? or Do you think the climate is beautiful? If your honest answers to all the questions above is negative, then is there any single day in your life you enjoyed traveling to office in hot sun?
If the answer is no, Then what we do really enjoy?
The project deadlines, the client meetings, office tensions will always be there. But a beautiful rainy day is a very small thing we can enjoy rather than hating it.
 A view of a Cross Road in a Rainy Day took in front of my home

Enjoying a rainy day is one of the very little things in life that brings happiness in life on the go. We don’t have to spend in thousands on a party or on a beach resort that only brings an illusion of artificial happiness.
Let us take time to enjoy very little things on life on the go, One day we look back and realize those were big things. :)