The post “A question that makes you think is worth asking” is one of the famous post in my blog since the beginning of time. I think most of them love the questions over there. These are the answers i got while asking the questions to myself. What may be yours?

Live Positive way and feel the true happiness in life. There’s always something to be happy about even if you miss million things in your life.
Definitely yes. but only my beloved’s can understand that it is a lie, while everybody else in this world don’t even know that i am giving an answer.
This Is the line that i already have on my desktop wallpaper,Always Helped me to do something new, Always helped me to do something with perfection, Always helped to to get back to work while I am browsing on facebook.
yes I am holding on to something for the past 6 months which gave me a lot of pain. but i never thought it to let it go. Because that identified some of the true talent inside me and those experiences are worthwhile to write a 200 page plot (I hope so). But these days are adding pages to it and i am sure that the Plot have the happy ending.
Yes. The habit of reading self improvement books. Only then I realized the happiness that has always been there like the wide open doors to heaven but i never felt all these days in life.
I love my friends and parents who are always been there for me & also i
love my Laptop, Mobile, PC which always helps my work done easily.
Strength. A person who cannot cry for loved ones are very weak deep inside the heart.  Somebody’s tears just for you is the costliest thing in the world that no one can ever buy with his material wealth.
Yes, I do for sure. All is fair in love and war.
My grand son’s SMILE.
I ask much questions to myself. Even i put forth some of the questions that Google cannot answer. So i ask God. He always says with a gentle smile on his face “When you can never find answers to some of your question, Say yourself “This is life & Move on”. So i do…
Obviously. That keeps me going. I can never imagine a day without my laptop, PC, Mobile. 
This is that moment. I try to answer some of the questions in a nice forwarded message..

Blogging. Sharing something with this world that is truly inspiring and motivational, That may help people to live positive.This work introduce the people of my attitude to me so i love doing it. My blog I’m happy that i have over 500 fans in two months.

I pray to God, that the person should be in my opposite sex and let the person find me as soon as possible so that we can get into the permanent relationship through eternity.
The art of making happiness. The art of making love to everyone. 
Time with loved ones.
Definitely yes. 
My life is not worse than 70 year old hag, lifting dozens of bricks on a construction work, While i still know the pain of lifting 2KG laptop on a comfortable NIKE back pack.
My life is not worse than 6 month old baby used for for begging on a cross road in midst of very hot sun, while i find it difficult to wait for the green signal inside the air conditioned car
My life is not worse than 45 year old mother* lost her only beloved 8 year old child on an accident, whom she got after 8 years of marriage. ( The mother was Chitra – The popular south Indian singer. Her voice is the only female voice I loved hearing)
I know my life is not fair. But it’s still Good. That keeps my days going in-spite of my day to day problems.
On seeing the beauty of full moon rise on the beach
On seeing the sea water glittering on moon light

On seeing the scene of two kittens playing happily with each other.

On seeing a small monkey hanging on a car’s side mirror with its tail on busy city
Driving on a road that is clean and silent at night, When i always seen the same road busy with people, noisy and with pollution. 
On seeing the smiling faces of the small children inside the school van.
Listening to a baby’s voice over telephone.
Feeling the small baby hugs me tightly, while he is sleeping on my shoulder.
Some one is always there for me to share my happiness & joy.
Like the one who read all my answers. 🙂
Lots of love