These Statements Are Good Reflections To Keep in Mind All The Time…

1] Prayer is Not a ” Spare Wheel ” That You Pull Out When in Trouble, But it is A ” steering wheel ” That Directs The Right Path Throughout.

2] Do You Know Why A Car’s WIND SHIELD is So Large & The Rearview Mirror is So Small ? Because Our PAST is Not As important As Ur FUTURE…Look Ahead And Move on.

3] Friendship is Like A BOOK. It Takes Few Seconds To Burn, But it Takes Years To Write.

4] All Tthings in Life Are Temporary. If Going Well, Enjoy it, They Will Not Last Forever.If Going Wrong, Don’t Worry, They Can’t Last Long Either.

5] Old Friends Are Gold! New Friends Are Diamond! If You Get A Diamond, Don’t Forget The Gold!..Because To Hold A Diamond, You Always Need A Base Of Gold!

6] Often When We Lose Hope And Think This is The End, GOD Smiles From Above And Says,”Relax, Sweet Heart, it’s Just A Bend, Not The End!

7] When GOD Solves Your Problems, You Have Faith in HIS Abilities; When GOD Doesn’t Solve Your Problems HE Has Faith in Your Abilities.

8] A Blind Person Asked Swami Vivekanand: ” Can There Be Anything Worse Than Losing eye sight? He replied: “Yes, losing your vision!” 9] When You Pray For Others, God Listens To You And Blesses Them, And Sometimes, When You Are Safe And Happy, Remember That Someone Has Prayed For You. 10] WORRYING Does Not Take Away Tomorrows’ TROUBLES, it Takes Away Todays’ PEACE. Hence ENJOY!!! each and every moment of Life!!!!!!!